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Welcome to the website of Harmony Lodge #61!

Harmony Lodge #61 AF&AM
350 S. Broadway, Denver, CO. 80209
Phone: (720) 526-2846

Greetings Brothers. The last year has been a rough time for all of us and not being able to enjoy each otherís companionship in person on a regular basis has made it that much more difficult. It is beginning to look like we can maybe see the light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully can get back to a more normal situation. In the meantime I would like to make two suggestions. First, call or email a brother whom you havenít seen or spoken with in a while just to say hello and see how theyíre doing. Getting an unexpected call from a brother can provide a real emotional lift. Secondly, take some time to really brush up on your ritual work in anticipation of the day we can return to meeting in lodge on a regular basis without restrictions. I believe it is good practice to read through the degree lectures on a regular basis and remind ourselves of their lessons and our obligations. Take care and see you soon.

Robert Walker, SW, PM